Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Room Decor

Hi all. 

Just before Christmas my sister and I decided to redecorate our bedroom. We chose a vintage theme with modern elements to put a twist on the idea. 

We started by painting a minty green colour onto the main walls, the colour to me is really unique and I haven't really seen anything like it before. It was purchased from B&Q and unfortunately I cannot remember the shade, I know it was from the B&Q own brand of paint. 

This is the corner above my sister's bed. 

Next, we purchased wallpaper that we got our dad to put onto the chimney breast wall. However, he ended up putting it on upside down. Some people might think it looks awful but I really adore it and even it being upside down because it gives it a wonderful unique twist. 

The wallpaper was bought off of eBay however the seller does not hold this design any more. 

Another purchase off eBay, is the Harry Potter wall quote. (Type it into the search facility and you will find so many!) The quote perfectly describes the happy nature and positive outlook my sister and I have over life. 

One of the final main pieces of decor in the bedroom is the mirrors and photo frames which were bought as Christmas presents from a store called B&M. They stock all sorts of home decor items and when I saw these pieces I immediately fell in love. 

The first you've seen in the first two pictures. The white vintage looking photo frame above my sisters bed was around £4.99. The white photo frame clashes very nicely with the beech wood effect shelving and furniture within the room.

Secondly, the mirrors bought from B&M were around £9.99 and are still in stock at the moment. This is the large rectangle design, we also have the floor length version in the same colour and style. 

The white contrasts with the silver and black wallpaper really nicely. 

The final piece that was bought as a Christmas present for us was a chandelier from Argos. It was on offer for £39.99 and we got it in the blue (teal) shade. You can get it in a variety of colours from the current catalogue and online. Find it here for £34.98. 

It adds a real princess vibe to the bedroom and sticks with the vintage theme with a modern twist. 


Purchases I bought for the bedroom we're the Jolie Single Bed, from Argos. £74.99
It was easy to assemble and fits with the theme of the room perfect. It is a black theme with silver hardware. (this picture is provided by the Argos website)

I then bought the Maine Extra Deep Bookcase with Drawers in Beech finish for £59.99
This was to house my academic study books, perfumes, make-up and other trinkets. 
(the picture is provided by Argos website)  

 The final piece I have bought for the bedroom is the Malibu 3 Drawer Desk from Argos for £49.99
I got this because I felt like I needed somewhere specifically for studying. It is a large desk with ample room for text books, paper and a laptop computer to share the space. The mini bookshelves and drawers add to the desk for ample storage options. 
(the picture is provided by the Argos website)

I hope you liked this post and if you would like any more posts about my bedroom and storage I use then please comment below. 

Thank You

Geordie Beauty Junkie
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