Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Primark A/W 2013: My Top Picks

Hi everyone!

I checked out, once again, the Look Magazine Primark preview of the autumn/winter 2013 collection and this time instead of creating outfits like I did with the spring/summer collection, I decided to show you my favourite pieces from the collection. 

I may not be able to wear some of these pieces due to my size or shape but I still wanted to show you guys because I still loved the pieces! 

Here we go...I hope you enjoy!!


I will start off with something that will be of great use as the weather gets colder and of course this piece has to be amazing because you will be wearing it a lot and it keeps you warm and dry! Well, most of the time! I am starting with JACKETS, if you hadn't already guessed! 

I loved this aztec print, leather trimmed jacket mainly because of it's Chanel inspired look. I love the shape and the pattern of this coat and I believe it would be perfect for a dinner over a plain dress or as a jacket for work. Going into a PGCE in 4 days I think this will be a pretty perfect piece to jazz up a placement outfit.
 I adore this mac coat, or any mac coats in general so when I saw this I knew I had to include it. I love the beige, neutral colour as it will go with many different outfit collaborations, however I have seen my sisters buying the red version which is perfect for adding a pop of colour and vibrancy to plain outfits. 
 Next I chose this gorgeous faux fur coat as I have been lusting for one for ages and think this is amazing. I love the leopard print and the massive collar because I can just envision being so warm and cosy during the snow falling winter months. 
 I liked the clash of styles with this coat. The sports luxe effect with the cuffed sleeves and the everyday casualness of the duffel front makes this coat incredibly versatile to mix and match with an array of outfit combinations. 
 Finally for coats, I love this tartan biker style jacket with leatherette sleeves. I am a sucker for both tartan and biker jackets so when I saw this I literally fell in love. I know, once this hits the shelves, I will need to go and buy it!!
Next I will show you the accessories I have chosen. There are only three because in all honesty I was not impressed at all by the accessory selection this season!

The first piece is this gorgeous, simple gold coloured twisted chain necklace. I think this will add something different to an otherwise plain outfit without being too over the top. 

Next, this handbag is perfect for those with a lot to carry because of work or study commitments. The berry colour on the sides is perfect for transitioning into the autumn and winter seasons. There is two handles so you can choose whichever you prefer, for me it is the long strap I like to use. 
 The third and final accessory piece is this stunning tartan scarf. As previously mentioned, I love tartan and this scarf really reminded me of being a little girl and borrowing a scarf my grandma used to have so this is perfect for adding sentimentality to an outfit.

Next up are dresses, tops and skirts!

Another tartan piece! Yes, of course there is. Tartan and checked patterns are massive for this upcoming season so perfect for me. I love the colour of this blouse and the bow tie at the neck adding a little girlie element to the piece.
 This top is perfect for work or dressing up smarter for education. The colours and material combination are perfect for carrying you into the autumn season. 
 I could never, ever get away with wearing this next piece but I still absolutely love it. Dungaree's have been massive for the summer season and are continuing to be a massive part of 2013 trends. I think they are adorable and remind me of being a kid myself. 
I can't wear these shorts, well I think I can't but I love them! The distressed, faded, left side (or right side if your wearing them!) mixed with the tartan is amazing! I'm in love!!!
 This piece is very plain but can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion or event. The colour and simplicity of this piece is what made me pick it as a favourite. 
 This next piece is again very plain and simple but has a little bit of added something in the form of sheer fabric panels on the front above the chest area. I think this will, again, be so perfect for dressing up or down and for use in the office or education institutions.
 I like this next piece as a casual working outfit. I can envision this piece being worn while your hard away at work at home paired with some sweatpants. 
 Yet another tartan item. This time, a dress! I absolutely love this piece its super cute and adorable. The cap sleeves and the bow is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I love this so much, the colours will take you right into winter and paired with tights and boots this will look gorgeous!

Yet another tartan item, which again is one I cannot wear due to my size and shape but I think paaired with a plain top these would look amazing!  

My second to last tartan item is this tartan shirt. I love the colouring of this shirt and think it's subtle masculinity will add a little something to any smart or casual outfit. 
 Finally, on the tartan front, this tartan skirt is super cute to wear with a thick knit jumper and some knee high socks I think it would look uber cute even with boots and a plain top. It's something every girl should have in their wardrobe. 
 For the final piece in this post and probably my favourite, this plain white t-shirt with black faux leather details on the sleeves and collar is my best pick out of all these I have shown you today. I think it would look so nice with many outfits and can be used as a very versatile piece to add to your wardrobe. This is definitely something I will be picking up myself when it hits stores.
I hope you have enjoyed this post. 
Have you got any favourites from this years autumn/winter collection?
Do you disagree with any of my picks?

Let me know below!

Thank you.
x x x x

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Fragrance Direct Bargains!

Hey guys!

I was browsing on the Fragrance Direct website, as you do, and I came across a 3 for £5 section. Now, when I saw this I though to myself it will be all rubbish things they cant get rid of, right? WRONG!!! In this section I found; 

I thought these bargains were far to amazing to pass up on so I wanted to share them with you! Just click on the provided links and you will be taken to the products! 
They all have £1.99 price tags which is AMAZING considering their RRP's.

Thank you for reading and happy shopping!

x x x x

Everyday makeup brushes: eyes

Hi guys.

Here is the second and final instalment of my everyday makeup brushes posts. In this post I am going to be talking about the brushes I use mostly to complete my eye makeup. 


These are the brushes! 

Firstly, starting on the left, we have a eyeshadow brush from Topshop. I bought this brush on a whim and now, I love it! I use it for applying the lid shadow as it picks up the perfect amount of product and the size is perfect for my lids! 

Next is a brush by Barry M. I love drugstore makeup brushes so seeing this I knew I had to have it. I love the colour and the long handle. I use this brush to distribute colour into the crease. The shape of this brush is amazing in the sense that, for me, it is the perfect size to fit nicely in the crease and be able to sit colour in the crease as well as blend the colour a little. 

The next brush is by Celia Birtwell's 2011 Christmas collection and I use this to apply the highlight colour under my brow. Again, the size of this brush is what draws me to use it for this purpose. 

The next brush I use for detailing or mainly to apply a black shadow as an eyeliner. It is from a unknown brand as I believe it was part of a set which was gifted to me. 

Next, I have two Hello Kitty brushes. I was expecting these to be rubbish but they're actually really nice and I love them. I use the first dense fluffy brush as a blending brush and the angled brush as an eyeliner brush. 

A Real Techniques brush is next, the shader brush to be specific. I love this brush for creating a depth in my crease. It works really well to build up colour and add dimension. 

Lastly are two Fearne Cotton brushes which again I use for detailed crease work and shadow distribution. I did find these brushes to be quite rough and scratchy at first but then after washing them with rigour it softened them up a little, not loads, but enough to be comfortable using them.

Thank you everyone for reading!

x x x x

Monday, 26 August 2013

Everyday makeup brushes: face

Hi guys. 

I thought today I would share with you the makeup brushes I use on a daily basis. I firstly want to apologise as they have not been cleaned yet as I am away from home and my brush cleaner! 

I am breaking down this topic into two separate posts as I want them to be as concise and informative as possible, without boring you! 

So lets start with face brushes. 


I alternate between using three brushes to apply my foundation and primer. I will usually apply primer with clean fingertips but if I want to use a brush I'll choose my Celia Birtwell foundation brush from her Christmas 2011 collection or the brush on the far left which I think is just a very cheap brush I got years back but still serves me well. 
I will then use the alternate brush I didn't use for primer to apply foundation and then once I have gotten a nice coverage I will buff the foundation into my skin using the Real Techniques Stippling Brush. I absolutely love this brush as it gives a wonderful, professional finish to the skin and the brush itself is of high quality and density. 

Next are the blush, bronzer and powder brushes I use day to day. 

To apply my powder, I use the Real Techniques Powder Brush which I use to really work the powder into my face if I am wanting a very flawless coverage, matte effect or if I'm wanting a more sheer glowing look I'll use it with a light hand to gently dust a coating of powder to set the foundation and concealer. Again, as of all Real Technique brushes, it is made t a very high standard, the bristles of soft and gentle and the head of the brush is nice and dense to pick up powder well. 
The next brush is another Celia Birtwell brush from the Christmas 2011 collection, which has to be made to a high standard or would not have lasted this long! I use this brush to apply my blush as it has soft bristles which lightly apply colour to the apples very well. 
Finally, I use this Hello Kitty brush which I got in the Christmas sales of 2012 to apply bronzer. I love the shape of the brush and I think it works well in defining the cheekbones but also distributing an even  coating of colour all over the face. 

Thank you for reading, I hope you have enjoyed this post. 

X x x x

Friday, 23 August 2013

Leibster Blog Award

Hi guys!

I have been nominated by Katie of Katie's Beauty Blog for a Leibster blog award. This award is given to blogs with under 200 followers to help get them seen by the blogging community. Thank you Katie for this opportunity!

How it works...
1. Come up with 10 facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 10 questions given to you by the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate bloggers who have under 200 followers and link them below.
4. Leave 10 new questions for your nominees to answer.
5. Inform your nominees.

10 Facts About Me!
1. I am engaged.
2. I have a 2:1 Bachelor of Arts degree with honours in Children and Young Persons.
3. I always buy books and tell myself I'll read them and never end up doing it.
4. The same with nail polish!
5. I love nothing more than spending time with my nephew and nieces.
6. Diets last around 48 hours for me. 
7. I get so distracted trying to study.
8. I love my home town.
9. I am not normal...AT ALL!
10. I am obsessed with buying stationary. 

Katie asked me...
1. What is my favourite Disney movie?
I found this one tough!! 
- Classic: Beauty and the Beast. (I see so much of myself in Belle!)
- Modern: High School Musical

2. Which magazine would I grab off a shelf first?
New -  I love the celebrity gossip and shopping pages!

3. Which make-up item could I not live without?

4. Chinese or Indian?

5. What is your favourite book to read?
Harry Potter 

6. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
- Aged 31! aaaaah!
- Married
- 3 Children (1 boy, 2 girls)
- Primary School Teacher
- Family Home & a VW Beetle or a Fiat 500.
- most of all....HAPPY!

7. What is your favourite quote?
- "Happiness can only be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light." Albus Dumbledore.

8. What is the last thing you bought?
Monsters Inc pyjama bottoms from Primark. (I'm a massive child!)

9. Why did you start blogging?
Well apart from the fact that Katie bugged me for ages to blog, everyone had said that I am opinionated so I thought I would share my thoughts with everyone and I love sharing with people what I have bought. 

10. Who is your favourite blogger?
well...I'll just nominate them because then they can do this too! 

My 10 questions
1. Do you have a large or small family?
2. Louis Vuitton or Chanel?
3. What is your favourite brand? (Fashion/Food/Beauty ect.)
4. What is your favourite scent or perfume?
5. Would you rather go out for a meal or go out clubbing?
6. In 5 years time, where do you see yourself?
7. If you were given £1,000,000 and you could only spend it on yourself what would you buy?
8. What is your most recent discovery that you love? (Fashion/Food/Beauty ect.)
9. High Street or High End?
10. If you could visit any country, where would you go?

Thank you for reading guys!

x x x x

Saturday, 3 August 2013

The Sibling Tag

Hi guys. 

For today's post I decided to do the Sibling Tag with one of my sisters.
She is not, however, my only sibling. I have 4 sisters, 1 half sister and a half brother. They all vary in ages from 17 to 39! 

So...let's get started. 

First off, of to introduce my sibling of choice for this post. 
Meet Claire, she is 19 years old, has red hair and is almost finished her first year of university. (well done you!)

1. Who is the oldest?
S: I am. 

C: Sarah is the oldest. 

2. Any nicknames?
S: Since we were little Claire has been called Claire Bear.

C: Sarah has had nicknames from our mum like Cruella but other than that we just shorten her name to Sez or Sar (pronounced S-air).

3. Funniest memories of each other?
S: When we were little Claire fell off the bunk beds we had in the room we shared and tried to grab a shelf to stop herself falling and then the shelf caved in and she fell onto the floor. It was painful for her but it was funny!

C: One time we had a family gathering in the back garden and the police emerged from the front of the house into the back and Sarah asked if they were here to join the party. That was pretty funny.

4. Most memorable argument?
C: I am not quite sure what we were arguing about but we went through a phase of like fighting each other with body lotions or liquids we could find as a means to "get" the other. 

S: Oh my goodness, yes! That was one memorable time. Well more than one time!

5. Most cherished memories?
C: We went to York for Halloween in 2012 and it was such a good weekend. Either that or Sarah's 21st.

S: My birthday was good but I agree, I think York was pretty amazing. Was nice to have sister time together.

6. Do you have any old photos of the two of you together?
This is when Claire was first born, our first picture together!

7. What is the last thing the two of you talked about?
S: Doing this blog post! I asked her how long Emmerdale had left on catch up! 

C: She asked me to do this then she said it had crashed!

8. Are you close?
S: Yeah, I'd say we're pretty close.

C: Yeah, to a certain extent I'd say we're quite close.

9. What annoys you the most about each other?

S: When your quite nasty to me.

C: Your whole attitude.

10. Do you hang out and do things together?
S: We do things like shopping and going for food together but the biggest thing we did was a three day stay in York together.

C: Sometimes, yeah we hang out.

11. Are you competitive with each other?
S: No I wouldn't say we are.

C: Yes, I think we are! 

12. Have you ever fancied any of your sibling's friends?
S: Not a chance! 

C: Nope. 

13. One thing you can do that your sibling can't?
S: Play the flute, I'm quite musical.

C: Swim.

14. Who is the best looking?
S: I'd say myself but I can guarantee Claire is going to say herself in the most excited self proclaimed tone!

C: ME!

15. Who is the most creative?
S: Me! I love doing arty things and DIY's and I love being creative!

C: Sarah, I am not creative at all.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and had fun learning a bit more about me and my sister. 

Thank you for reading.

Sarah Jane
x x x x

Thursday, 1 August 2013

My 21st Birthday

I turned 21 in the month of July, on the 13th to be exact. I had the most amazing, special day and I was truly spoiled off my family and friends! 

Here are some pictures of my day! 

My dress is by Forever Unique, I bought it a little while before my birthday. I loved it and it made me feel very special.
This is an overview of the gifts I received from family and friends. I was so grateful for all the gifts I was given and so thankful and so lucky. 
Closer shot of the right side of the gifts. 
Left side close up shot. 

My make up was done by a lovely girl at MAC and my hair was done by a mobile hairdresser in my area (Michael David Hairdressing on Facebook!). They were treats paid for by my sister. 
My youngest sister got me this cookie for my birthday breakfast haha. 
My sister got me a personalised birthday banner. The cards are off my sisters and my mum and dad. Can you tell I like Me to You? XD 

My cake was made my someone very local to me. This was our very first cake from her and it was amazing. I was surprised with this cake in Frankie and Benny's all of the waiting staff cake over with the cake and sang happy birthday. 
Bunting decorations across my window. 
Champagne in the garden before we went out! 
I had a limo pick me up from my house and it took me down Newcastle Quayside before dropping us off at the restaurant. 
My sisters, my cousin and me on the Millennium Bridge on Newcastle Quayside. 
My picture in the restaurant window...thanks guys! 
I cried when they brought out my cake. 

My sister had organised a VIP section of a club n Newcastle to be reserved for us and we had a chocolate fountain with strawberries and marshmallows, champagne, a bottle of vodka, red bull cans, and teapot cocktails! 
Back of my dress. 
Front of my dress. 
My family from Warrington arranged this beautiful bouquet of flowers to be delivered to my house. It was a beautiful present. 

On my birthday I went to visit my in-laws and we had a small get together and a barbecue. It was a lovely evening and it was the most perfect way to top off the most amazing weekend. 

I hope you have enjoyed these pictures of my twenty first. Thank you for reading. 

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

London Haul

Hi guys, 

I have recently returned from a four day stay in the wonderful capital city that is London. The trip was a present from my wonderful other half, Andrew. Because I was celebrating my 21st this year he wanted to do something really special. 
The trip was utterly amazing and I absolutely love London. I was in awe at all of the amazing sights, scenery and attractions, the only downside to staying in the summer was the freak heatwave that hit the UK making our trip very warm and ourselves very sweaty! 

I wanted to share with you guys what I bought when I was there. I had saved up quite a bit to spend and then Andrew, my brother and my family gave me more money to spend as gifts. 


Some pictures of our trip! 

The first place I visited was Forever 21. We don't have one up here in Newcastle so I was very, very excited to shop here. I picked up: 
  • A green striped vest top
  • A beige top with ruffle trim around the neckline
  • A khaki t-shirt with studded pocket detail
  • Silver bow earrings
  • Two pack of bow hair bobbles

The next store is Victoria's Secret where I shopped the Pink range. 
  • Love Pink hoody in a blue colour
  • Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist
  • Coconut Passion Body Lotion 
  • Mango Temptation Fragrance Mist x2
  • Pure Seduction Hand and Body Lotion

In Tiffany and Co. I picked up a simple classic sterling silver heart/lock necklace with the iconic 'Return to Tiffany' engraving but it has also a small key charm. I thought this was perfect for my twenty first as is tradition at twenty one you get a key to the door! 

I picked up one t-shirt in Jack Wills, I visited the Covent Garden store. I picked up the Eccleston T-Shirt in the colour plum. I have this same design t-shirt in a few colours now and I had my eye on this one so it was perfect to walk into the store and they had one left in the plum colour in my size! 

On Oxford Street as I was walking to find Forever 21 I discovered the most amazing Disney store in the whole world. I took some pictures but keep an eye out for that in a more personal non hauling post! Whilst in the store I picked up a beautiful London themed snow globe as a souvenir of the trip. I also found a beautiful Tinkerbelle notebook in A4 size which I'm going to use for my studies next year. 

In Westfield (Shepherds Bush) we visited a few stores, the first Juicy Couture. I found the most amazing bargain in there. I managed to pick up a Juicy Tee in the colour Pale Aquamarine. It was on sale for £30 down from £75. The sales assistant then told me the sale items were an additional 50% off making the t-shirt only £15! 

This is the carrier bag and tag from the T-shirt as it is currently in the wash! :( 

Also in Westfield I popped into Beauty Base as I had heard they sold cheap makeup and perfumes. I picked up a huge bottle of Micellar Water from an unknown brand and then three LA Colours jumbo eye pencils. I bought these to see if they could be a cheap dupe for NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils. The LA Colours ones were only 99p. (I will do another post with swatches and photos) 

Staying in Westfield we then went to Gilly Hicks which is a sister store to Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister. I loved the front of the store and again keep an eye out for another post full of pictures but inside I picked out three tops. I was very surprised with the sizing because in Hollister the clothes seem to have a really small fitting where as Gilly Hicks seems to be very big fitting. I am unsure whether this is because I picked up layering tops but I am a 12-14 UK size and I could have done with a Small in all of the tops! 

I went into David and Goliath in Carnaby and picked up two London themed t-shirts (I know there's an awful lot of t-shirt action in this haul) some socks and these adorable gnome speakers for my iPad. 

They were on sale for £5 so I could not resist! 

I picked up presents in the M&M World store in Leicester Square including this little tin of sweets for myself! 

I also picked up the Yellow and Red M&M characters for my little sisters along with a fridge magnet. 

I picked up some touristy nicknacks such as a red phone box to hold my loose change, a travel mug for my dad, a candle in TKMaxx for my mum and then ashtray and lighter sets for my mum and my mother in law. 

I think that is all I can think of apart from a couple of pieces which I haven't got pictures of because I've eaten the, or they were gifts. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post. 

Thank you. 

Sarah Jane 
x x x