Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Everyday makeup brushes: eyes

Hi guys.

Here is the second and final instalment of my everyday makeup brushes posts. In this post I am going to be talking about the brushes I use mostly to complete my eye makeup. 


These are the brushes! 

Firstly, starting on the left, we have a eyeshadow brush from Topshop. I bought this brush on a whim and now, I love it! I use it for applying the lid shadow as it picks up the perfect amount of product and the size is perfect for my lids! 

Next is a brush by Barry M. I love drugstore makeup brushes so seeing this I knew I had to have it. I love the colour and the long handle. I use this brush to distribute colour into the crease. The shape of this brush is amazing in the sense that, for me, it is the perfect size to fit nicely in the crease and be able to sit colour in the crease as well as blend the colour a little. 

The next brush is by Celia Birtwell's 2011 Christmas collection and I use this to apply the highlight colour under my brow. Again, the size of this brush is what draws me to use it for this purpose. 

The next brush I use for detailing or mainly to apply a black shadow as an eyeliner. It is from a unknown brand as I believe it was part of a set which was gifted to me. 

Next, I have two Hello Kitty brushes. I was expecting these to be rubbish but they're actually really nice and I love them. I use the first dense fluffy brush as a blending brush and the angled brush as an eyeliner brush. 

A Real Techniques brush is next, the shader brush to be specific. I love this brush for creating a depth in my crease. It works really well to build up colour and add dimension. 

Lastly are two Fearne Cotton brushes which again I use for detailed crease work and shadow distribution. I did find these brushes to be quite rough and scratchy at first but then after washing them with rigour it softened them up a little, not loads, but enough to be comfortable using them.

Thank you everyone for reading!

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