Saturday, 3 August 2013

The Sibling Tag

Hi guys. 

For today's post I decided to do the Sibling Tag with one of my sisters.
She is not, however, my only sibling. I have 4 sisters, 1 half sister and a half brother. They all vary in ages from 17 to 39! 

So...let's get started. 

First off, of to introduce my sibling of choice for this post. 
Meet Claire, she is 19 years old, has red hair and is almost finished her first year of university. (well done you!)

1. Who is the oldest?
S: I am. 

C: Sarah is the oldest. 

2. Any nicknames?
S: Since we were little Claire has been called Claire Bear.

C: Sarah has had nicknames from our mum like Cruella but other than that we just shorten her name to Sez or Sar (pronounced S-air).

3. Funniest memories of each other?
S: When we were little Claire fell off the bunk beds we had in the room we shared and tried to grab a shelf to stop herself falling and then the shelf caved in and she fell onto the floor. It was painful for her but it was funny!

C: One time we had a family gathering in the back garden and the police emerged from the front of the house into the back and Sarah asked if they were here to join the party. That was pretty funny.

4. Most memorable argument?
C: I am not quite sure what we were arguing about but we went through a phase of like fighting each other with body lotions or liquids we could find as a means to "get" the other. 

S: Oh my goodness, yes! That was one memorable time. Well more than one time!

5. Most cherished memories?
C: We went to York for Halloween in 2012 and it was such a good weekend. Either that or Sarah's 21st.

S: My birthday was good but I agree, I think York was pretty amazing. Was nice to have sister time together.

6. Do you have any old photos of the two of you together?
This is when Claire was first born, our first picture together!

7. What is the last thing the two of you talked about?
S: Doing this blog post! I asked her how long Emmerdale had left on catch up! 

C: She asked me to do this then she said it had crashed!

8. Are you close?
S: Yeah, I'd say we're pretty close.

C: Yeah, to a certain extent I'd say we're quite close.

9. What annoys you the most about each other?

S: When your quite nasty to me.

C: Your whole attitude.

10. Do you hang out and do things together?
S: We do things like shopping and going for food together but the biggest thing we did was a three day stay in York together.

C: Sometimes, yeah we hang out.

11. Are you competitive with each other?
S: No I wouldn't say we are.

C: Yes, I think we are! 

12. Have you ever fancied any of your sibling's friends?
S: Not a chance! 

C: Nope. 

13. One thing you can do that your sibling can't?
S: Play the flute, I'm quite musical.

C: Swim.

14. Who is the best looking?
S: I'd say myself but I can guarantee Claire is going to say herself in the most excited self proclaimed tone!

C: ME!

15. Who is the most creative?
S: Me! I love doing arty things and DIY's and I love being creative!

C: Sarah, I am not creative at all.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and had fun learning a bit more about me and my sister. 

Thank you for reading.

Sarah Jane
x x x x

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