Monday, 24 September 2012

Gone for a while.

I will be gone for a little while due to my camera breaking. I will be getting a new one as soon as possible but make sure to keep an eye out for my posts once my camera comes into my life!

Thank you for your continued support, if you miss me or have some spare time feel free to browse through my posts!

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Friday, 21 September 2012

Recent OOTD's.


I have seen a lot of posts on the crazy world of blogging showing people's outfits. I've gathered some outfit pictures that I took and I am going to review them for you. 

I hope you enjoy. 


This outfit was worn one summer down the beach, you can already see the burns, I am wearing: 
  • H&M vest top in Black - £2.99
  • Primark 3/4 Jeans - £8
  • Primark elasticated pumps in White - £4

This outfit I wore meeting a friend for lunch in Jesmond. I am wearing:
  • Primark Maxi Dress in Black - £10 
  • Primark sheer striped top in Blue - £3 in sale 
  • River Island Strappy Wedges in Blue - £5 in sale 
  • Primark Skinny Belt in Brown - £1 
  • Marc B Quilted Bag in Black - £38 in sale 

This is a bit of a fun outfit as it was a rainy day and I had to run errands. I am wearing:
  • Jack Wills T-Shirt - £32
  • Black Hooded Top - not sure I got this off my sister
  • Primark Leather Jacket - £20
  • Primark Umbrella - £3
  • River Island Jeans - £29
  • ASDA Wellies in Pink for Tickled Pink - £12
  • Juicy Couture Handbag - £119

This was my outfit for my cousin's 18th night out. I am wearing:
  • H&M dress in Cream - £10 in sale
  • Primark Skinny Belt in Brown - £1
  • Primark Tights in Black - £3.50

Thursday, 20 September 2012

my year in photos.


This is a new series on this blog where I give you a little insight into my week via a series of photographs, to start it off, I thought I'd give you all an insight into my far!  

I hope you like this idea, let me know if you would like to see more!


 First up, the Olympic Torch comes to Newcastle! 
I made my Fiancé wait with me in the rain for a good couple of hours to see the torch being brought to Newcastle which I thought was an amazing event! 

Here it is, leaving my position - check out Superdrug in the background! :D 

 The final Olympic piece I have from this year is the Cadbury's special edition Dairy Milk bar! I seen this for £1 in my local shop and was intrigued by the fact that it came in a box!

 Valentines Day 2012 was very special for me because it was the day my Fiancé proposed to me! We went for a meal in Frankie and Benny's the weekend after and he crafted this rose out of napkins. 

 This is my Engagement ring. It's so special to me and I love everything about it!

 On Valentines Day, it was also my Parent's 25th Anniversary which for the occasion they went to spend a couple of days in Bamburgh in the Northumberland County. My sisters and I baked a cake to mark the occasion once they had returned. 

 I treated myself to a little present off of eBay a little earlier in the year. I love this Roald Dahl classic and thought it was an amazing little gift. (I love the idea for Wedding invitations also!)

During the Summer, Andrew (my Fiancé) and I decided to have a little BBQ. We bought a portable BBQ from ASDA and we also got sausages and burgers, I found the little faces pulled in these photo's quite hilarious!

I think I nicknamed this one, ANGRY BURGER! :P

This was a wonderful Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri from Revolution in Liverpool. We came here for my Cousin's Hen Party! We dressed up as Bunnies and hit the town!

This was the lovely morning we woke up to from the Travel Lodge. Hello Liverpool!

Some pictures from my Graduation in July. This day was such an amazing day and I enjoyed every moment of it! I cannot wait to do it all again!

These are two pictures from my Cousins wedding in August. The first was a little bit of a family joke because there was another couple in the venue whom had gotten married and they were called Sarah and Andrew! 
The bathroom in the Marriott was also amazing, I thought it was so nicely decorated and it was so clean!

In August I had to undergo an operation, this was my first ever operation so I was a little bit frightened! This is the needle they put into my hand. 

This is the start of Christmas in Newcastle. Byker Morrisons had started to put out their Christmas stock! I get super excited for Christmas! (watch out for my Dear Santa series!)

For my twin sisters 17th Birthday I decided to treat them and cook them a special Birthday tea! I did Pork Chops, New Potatoes and Veg! MMM! 

Very, very recently, the Metrocentre saw the opening of Krispy Kreme! I'm not a massive fan of doughnuts but I knew I had to try some of these, I picked the pink sparkly one, of course!

I was a model for a local hairdresser who needed to practice doing old fashioned hair styles. I got my hair set in rags which I knew my Nana and Grandma had done to them in the past! I loved every moment of this!

This year saw another family wedding, this time, my oldest sister Dawn! She chose this Bridesmaid dress and I got this hairstyle done at the same local salon! I was very happy with the whole look and enjoyed the day thoroughly! 

In this picture I had been messing on with some fake lashes for my cousins wedding, I decided they were fun for tutorials and Halloween but not for everyday use!

July 2012 saw the annual event that is my BIRTHDAY! This year I turned 20 and had an amazing meal with my sister and some close friends! I got these Lita boots as a present from my parents which I am in total love with! 
The balloon I received as a surprise from my sister when I went to Frankie and Benny's! 
The final picture is my Fiance's presents for me wrapped up! He text me this picture as a teaser to me but one thing I did fall in love with was the wrapping, super cute! 

These are pictures from my MAC makeover which I got just before my cousins wedding in August. I got the voucher off my Nieces as a Christmas present and I am in love with the final look! 

Andrew and I went down to the Seaside a few times this Summer and these are some pictures from the trips! I love going to the seaside, it makes me feel all happy and the smells bring back memories from childhood. It's also a fab walk if you walk from Tynemouth to Whitley Bay it is 4 miles!

This picture is from a family BBQ that happened some time this Summer. My cousin and my Uncle came up from Warrington and we enjoyed spending time together as it becomes a rarity these days :( 

My sister and I went to York in May and this is a picture from the Wheel that was set up in the grounds of the Royal Station Hotel! We're going back very soon!

I discovered some amazing American-ness in Newcastle! 
First off a small diner nestled in a back street within the City Centre named Stateside Diner! The milkshakes here are to die for!
The next is a new store in the Metrocentre and now, Eldon Sq, Yankee Doodle Candy! Here is my first every purchases! 

This picture is special because this was the day the Queen came to Newcastle, well she passed through! 

Really early on in 2012, I found this Limited Edition bottle of Diet Coke in Poundland! I now use them as vases!

My sister and I went to meet James Corden at a book signing in Newcastle, I loved meeting him, I really thought he was a terrific guy!

The same sister as mentioned above, had a presentation at The Mansion House in Jesmond. We met the Mayoress of Newcastle and had tea and cakes!

Last, I have one of my favourite purchases of 2012. PUGS NOT DRUGS t-shirt as seen on Russell Howard's Good News (BBC3) This can be found in Urban Outfitters Mens section!

If you like these posts please let me know! 

Geordie Beauty Junkie

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Back to University: Haul - Part 2

Part 2 of my Back to Uni Haul! 

This part is full of Notebooks and files! 


From Paperchase is the Midsummer large wiro journal. It retails at £8

The design on the front is super adorable. It has a background of what looks like vintage materials and then has an overlay of photos of butterflies, birds, flowers and lace. The butterflies have a shiny film overlay. It is a hardback notebook and first page has an ink splats and cherry print and then the pages are lined and are an off white cream colour. 


The next notebook is again from Paperchase but was bought for £5.45 a little while ago and it doesn't seem to be on the website. 

It is of A4 size and has a plastic cover held together with a rubber band closing. The cover is clear with coloured flowers. The flower colours are Tiffany Blue, Orange, Red, Pink, Green, Purple and Yellow. The paper is quite thick and strong and will not show the ink on the other side. Good quality paper is what I look for in a suitable notebook. 


From Accessorize, I got two notebooks in the Summer sale. 

The first, a cardboard backed notebooks with a mix of prints on the front including flamingos, an elephant and florals. It has an elastic band closure and the pages are quite thick but you can see print of text on the opposite side. It isn't quite A5 as it is a little larger. I got this for around £4 (I think!)


The next, I got two of these, they are a plastic covered notebook with a vintage mix print including a union jack heart, bunting and butterflies. It has an elastic band closure and the inside pages are printed with a sparrow on the bottom right page with "tweet tweet" and musical notes and on the top left of the opposite page there is a blue butterfly. The pages are quite thick but again you can see a print of the text on the opposite side which is a slight let down. I bought two of these books because they were around £4 each in the sale from Accessorize.


The next notebook I got whilst in York in May this year. 
(I am going back in October so keep your eyes peeled for a haul!)

It is from the largely popular store, Jack Wills. It retails at £5 and you can now get a different design (see here) for the same price!

The notebook is quite small for the price but it is the brand name you are paying for and is okay if you just looking for something small to remember your visit. The book has a card front and back cover and has a Union Jack background with pink letters spelling out WILLS emblazoned across the middle. There is a elastic band closure and the biggest let down was the fact that the inside pages are squared rather than lined. I use the book as a handbag to do list book. 


From WHSmith, I picked up this notebook from the Songbird range which you can find here. (unfortunately the notebook does not seem to be on the website but I bought it in store about 2 weeks ago). It was around £5.99.

It is a hardback notebook with a Tiffany blue background with gold, pink and teal accents in the form of birds and swirl designs. It has an elastic band closure and the inside pages are an off white cream colour. They are thick but you can see the text forms on the back. 


From Clinton's which is generally a card shop but it stocks the Me to You gift range also. I found in their clearance this notebook on half prince down from £3.99 to £1.99. 

The cover is a thin card with a photograph of a Me to You bear from the Photo Finish range. It has a lovely pink background with my favourite flower, the pink gerbera. The pages have a similar photo on the bottom right hand page and this is a grey colour rather than in colour print. 


The last notebook is from WHSmith and I got this on clearance. It was reduced to £2.45.

 It is a project notebook meaning alongside the lined paper there is dividers to organise your notes. The paper inside is of good quality. The cover has a black and white check design on it and a hot pink elastic band closure. The dividers are pink also. 


Next, is a file organiser. It is a fantastic concept I think. I got this one from WHSmith on sale for £3.99. It has a stripe design and is a hard back with a elastic band closure. 

There are four metal rings which open to sort out the file inside and remove, add and move the pages inside. There is a contents page for each of the five sections. The dividers are plastic and are blue and green coloured. The paper inside is of fabulous quality and there is space to add more when needed. I think this will be fantastic when I start putting together my dissertation! 


The final thing (hallelujah!) is a folder from WHSmith's: Winnie the Pooh range. It is an A4 file which costs £3.79. Get it here!

The folder is a lovely brown paper bag colour and has a lovely little quote which says "Some friends are smaller than others" which I personally thought was super cute because, well I am a petite girl! The file has two metal rings and the inside has a map of the 100 acre wood (the setting for Winnie the Pooh). 


that's it. I'm finally done!

Any comments? Leave them below!

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