Saturday, 8 September 2012

Primark -vs- Topshop

Hello there! 

I found a fashion rivalry for you guys! 
As I was browsing my local Primark (Newcastle; Northumberland Street) I found a pair of Studded Slipper style shoes which were spookily similar to a pair I'd seen previously in Topshop. 
You can see in the first image below, the Topshop slipper shoes which retail at £26. These are the canvas design but you can get leatherette and suede effect too! 
The shoes below (nude pair) are the Primark version of the above Topshop Vectra flats. I got the picture off Google to show you the best quality of the shoe. 

The black version can be seen above. This is my own picture. The material seems to be very sturdy and not thin so it seems to be good quality. The studs seem to be very secure on the shoe and there is grip on the bottom so this will be good for once the ground starts to ice up a little bit. They're really comfy and I can see myself wearing them a lot!

The only difference between the Vectra and the Primark alternate is the studs on the Vectra go all of the way around the shoe whereas the Primark shoe only has studs on the front panel. 

I think for the price of £10 the Primark version is a little more healthier for your wallet as you can get two pairs and still have change as opposed to the £26 for one pair of Vectra's.

I hope you enjoyed this fashion comparison!

Have you got a pair of Vectras? What is your opinion on cheaper alternates?

Geordie Beauty Junkie

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