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Back to University: Haul

Hi there!

I have recently started back at Newcastle College on the Ba Honours Children and Young Persons (top up) course and I wanted to share with you some stationary items I have bought recently.

It is a slight collective haul as some of the things were purchased within the summer sales back in August so I apologise if you cannot get your hands on them any more.

Before I jump into it there is a slight warning. There are a lot of pictures and it's a big haul!


First off I went into Accessorize, which is part of the Monsoon store, and I picked up the Book of Notes from the Portobello range. (click here)
It is full of post it notes / sticky notes (whichever you prefer!) in all different sizes. There are really useful ones that say 'today', 'later', 'urgent' and 'don't forget', which you can put into diaries or onto a notice board. I loved the colours and the prints on the post it notes and I love the fact that they come in a little book so you can take them to College/Uni easily in your bag!

It retails for £6 which I think is a bargain for aaaaall of these post it's!


Next, I got  heart shaped paper clips, again from Accessorize, and they are from the Portobello range also. I got this picture from the website because I had a picture when they were in the packaging but I don't know  what happened to that and now they're in my paper clip tin! :(

They are super cute and come in a gorgeous hot pink and Tiffany blue colour, however on the website they are noted as green! They are very sturdy and made of metal and will last for ages!

They retail for £2.50 which is a great price for a lot of really cute paperclips!


Carrying on with stuff from Accessorize, I got Animal Rubbers which are cute little rubbers in the shape of a panda and a giraffe!

For some reason, Panda's seem to be a theme in this haul!

The rubbers are really tiny and once out of the packaging, they start to fall apart because they are small individual rubbers put together to look like the animals. This, for me, makes them a little difficult to store.

They retail for £1.25 which for the size and everything is pretty good!


Finally, from Accessorize, I got a Panda Calculator which for some odd reason I cannot find on the Accessorize website or Ebay.

It retailed for £6 (I think!) and it's cute as hell! I looked in 3 different Accessorize stores within Eldon Square and Metrocentre to try and find it and ended up ordering it online when there was a Free Delivery promotion!

It is the perfect size to fit into the palm of your hand and the buttons are rubberised to stop slipping. If in the pictures your wondering, "where is the screen for the calculator?" you would be right, however the right hand paw pushes into the Panda body and released the head to swing around and reveal the screen!

I thought this was such an amazing feature and added to the overall fun and cuteness!


The next item I got was from Disney Store in Metrocentre, I got these on Saturday 15th so there might still be some left! They were originally £4, then reduced to £2.80, then £1.10! Bargain!

They are post it notes from the "Mickey Mouse Comic" collection and they're super cute. They have a watermarked background which means although they have text printed onto the surface you can actually write over the top and you will be able to see your writing! You get a lot of post it's in three different styles so there is a lot for your money here!


Next, from Poundland, I got some Spongebob Squarepants post it notes (I know, I love Post It's!)

For £1 you got 60 post it notes in three different designs. I have used these for all sorts so far, my favourite being marking pages in magazines of things I like. They add so much fun and colour to notebooks and make leaving notes that much more fun!


Whilst in Paperchase, Eldon Square, I picked up some really cute and fun essentials! The first being Panda Highlighters! (I did mention that there was a Panda theme!) They retail for £3 which I think for 5 highlighters is a bargain! You get a yellow, blue, green, pink and orange. They come in a little see through zip lock bag with a sticker on it, which you could take off and give someone a present in it!


From Paperchase, again, I got some "Sticky Notes" which were on sale I believe for £1.25.

You can find very similar ones here for £2.25 so even if you can't get them on sale, your still getting some for a good price!

They come in a little zip lock bag, similar to the highlighters, which is good if they're on a desk in case there are any spillages!

The pattern I got is very floral and nature themed which I love and the colours are muted so they're not too bright, which may put some people off the work. You get four sets of page tabs and one set of square post it's.


Next, something a little bit boring...Erasers or Rubbers (in the UK!)

These are from Paperchase and they were £1.50 for a pack of 6 neon erasers. I love the bright neon colours and the shape is easy to hold and control. The eraser is of good quality and wont fall apart when you are rubbing out on the page.

The next eraser retails for £1 and it is just a plain brand marked oval eraser.

It is strong and sturdy and I thought to just put in my pencil case and use on the go it will be perfect. I'm not a massive fan of the branding emblazoned on the eraser but I guess companies need to advertise!


A couple more "boring" things before some more fun-ness! 

From Wilkinsons, I got the Stabilo Boss Original 4 Colour Highlighters for £2.50.

In the pack you get green, pink, yellow and orange highlighters which are a nice shape and size for holding comfortably within your hand. I like the Stabilo brand because the colours are vibrant and they don't dry out quickly! These ones will last a good few years! I plan to keep these on my desk for at home note taking.

The next highlighters, also from Wilkinsons, are the Stabilo Flash Highlighters which retail for £2.45.

They are smaller than the Boss highlighters and they come in yellow, green, blue and pink which are different colours. They are easy to fit in a pencil case and have a 1mm/3.5mm nib for precise highlighting. They have "anti-dry out technology" which means these should last for a long while.


The next thing I got is from WHSmith and it is a fold up ruler retailing at £1.10. Some people think this might be really sad and pointless but I think that it's really cute and fun. It is a lovely sheer pink colour and is by the brand Helix. They made the rulers that my old High School used so is quite nostalgic. The size is pretty perfect because when it is folded it stays in shape via a click lock process and fits within a pencil case easily. It has the CM and MM measurements which is a standard ruler here in the UK and is 30cm long.

It is not available on the WHSmith website which is a shame but you can look in store and see if they have it in.


The final item in this segment is a pencil case from Wilkinsons. It is a plain pink fabric pencil case with see through plastic front and the best part is the folder holes so it can fit into your file! The holes are circular metal holes so the fabric won't tear. It is the perfect size to fit into my A4 files and it can fit everything I need to take to Uni with me.


From ASDA, I got a note card set, file and dividers all for around £1. I can't find this online so check out your local ASDA to see if they have it in. When I was in store there was an Orange or a Blue, I chose the Orange. It is a plastic sort of material with a popper opening. Then inside is two metal opening rings which allow you to remove, add and move the cards and dividers around. I think this will be super useful for exam revision or in my case, remembering theorists and philosophers!


Online I purchased this 5star "things to do today" book. It was £3.70 from penNpaper (on

I first discovered the brand 5star when I was working at a recruitment business and found the stationary to be of very high quality and wanted to know if I could get these for home. I researched and found that you can buy in bulk from Amazon.

The book is really useful because it's broken into three sections over two pages. "Appointments", "Notes" and "Things To Do Today". The front cover is a little bland and I might DIY it. (Leave a comment below if you'd like to see this!)


To be continued...

Geordie Beauty Junkie

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