Sunday, 11 November 2012

York Haul

Hi everyone.

I am sorry it's taken so long to get this blog post to you guys, but after my trip I was kind of tired, trying to see the other half more and catching up with Uni work and getting back into the Uni swing of things! Busy, busy!

This isn't my full haul as I have started using some of the products and most things were pressies and I am such a lovely sister I spent a lot of money on my little sister whom I went with.

Warning, this post may be picture heavy!!

Other than that, ENJOY!


Firstly, is some items from the Cosmetics Company Store, which when I am in York I absolutely have to go to. The store itself is in the McArthur Glen Outlet Mall.

I chose to pick up this Clinique gift set. This was £22.50 in the CCS. It is not from this year's Christmas collection which leads me to believe it is the 2011 collection or earlier.
Anyways, within the box you get a 200ml tub of the Deep Comfort Body Lotion which I had tried before purchasing this. I got a sample tube off my cousin and I fell in love! Next in the box you get a 75ml Deep Comfort Body Wash and then a 40ml Deep Comfort Hand and Nail Cream. I haven't tried the body wash yet as I have a lot to get through, but the hand cream is the same pretty much as the Body Butter, immensely creamy and buttery soft.

Next, I picked up this MAC eyeshadow in the colour Mystery. I got it in pan form due the difference in prince (it was £7) and due to the next MAC purchase which is the Pro x4 Shadow Palette. I got two of these because they were absolute bargains at £4! I couldn't believe it! They have built in magnets which means it's easier and cheaper now to buy shadows in pan form!

This is all I picked up from the Cosmetic Company Store, however my sister picked up a MAC mascara for £9 which she thought was a fantastic bargain as it is cheaper than some drugstore alternatives.


Staying in the Outlet Mall, my next stop was Perfume Point which is another outlet store.
I was shopping for a perfume set off my parents for Christmas but ended up buying this as nothing else really caught my eye. (Please excuse the pictures, they were taken in my Hotel room!)
I am a masssssive Twilight fan (shoot me!) so when I saw this I had to pick it up! (In my last York trip I picked up Twilight lipglosses!) The packaging is so cute as it has Bella and Edward on the sides and then this lovely image on the front!
This was on sale for £11.95 for 50mls.

The bottle is such a lovely and classic design and the smell is exactly what I would depict from the Twilight saga. It's very musky and nature like and just reminds me of Twilight.

Finally from the Outlet Mall, I went to the Nike outlet because I wanted to pick up some trainers. I am never ever ever a trainer girl so I didn't want to spend a lot of money on trainers.
I clearly went in on the right day because all of the trainers on the 'back wall' as they called it were an additional 30% off! I ended up paying £10.50 for these sexy little things and they fit amazing and are super comfortable.


I put off buying Balmi in Newcastle because I was like I'll pick it up in York and I was a good girl and for once I stuck to my guns!
The price, to me, is a little extortionate. £4.99 I paid for one of these and for all 3 was £9.98. I've used a lot of mine already so I can't even say it lasts for ages and ages but I guess everything is super expensive these days so you have to just bite your tongue and get on with it, or be amazing and coupon like a mad woman!
 I picked up Coconut (for my mum) Strawberry (for me) and Raspberry (for my sister)

They're so flavourful and smell amazing. I got so many compliments about the scent when I wore it to University and one complement even stretched to 'how cool is that' when I showed them the product.


I picked up an absolute bargain in Topshop and if you can find any in your local store, go get them!
They retailed for £28 and were on sale for £15. When I got to the till they were £9 and then after student discount they were £5.60. A-may-zing! Happy Sarah!

These are the white canvas Vectra3's.

The last thing I picked up was the Kelly Brook Brow Beautiful for Dark Brows. This is available in New Look for £2.99. 
Not only is it super cheap but it is amazing quality and I am so happy with it. 

I did pick up some other things like a hat and scarf because it was super cold and I picked up some food bits and plenty of meals, and bits from shows and stuff but other than that these were my main items.

I hope you enjoyed this small(ish) haul.

Thank You

Geordie Beauty Junkie
x x x

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