Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Hi guys, a quick post revealing some of my latest obsessions, including some none beauty obsessions!

To start, decorating my room! I am obsessed with buying new bits for my room including this photo frame from B&M home store for £9.99!

Next, Balmi lip balms and just lip balms in general really! This time of year my lips get really chapped and flaky and gross so I try to keep them as hydrated as possible which gets hard considering I'm a massive lazy bum and cannot be bothered half the time ! This balm is really good at moisturising and the packaging is so cute and reminds me of EOS lip balms which we cannot get in the UK! :(

L'occitane hand creams are next. I discovered these in Marie Claire magazine in York and after the first use fell immediately in love! They're so soft and creamy so on return to Newcastle I bought 2 more magazines! In a shop they would cost £8.00 but in the magazine they were £3.40.

My make up is another obsession. I recently went to a Nicki Minaj concert and did this eye look for the event. (see tutorial post for more details!) I love the bright colours and how fitting it is to the occasion!

Diet Coke has always been more of an addiction than an obsession for me! This limited edition Jean Paul Gaultier bottle encouraged me to buy and drink more! Nom nom! (I apologise for really rubbish picture!) 

York is a recent obsession of mine due to only really discovering my love this year! This picture was taken whilst climbing the York Minster!

Harry Potter has been a lifelong obsession of mine, growing up my love of reading and witches infused my live for the new phenomenon. Even more a decade later I am still as obsessed if not more! On visiting the National Railway Museum I found the Hogwarts Express! Yaaaaaaayyy! :D

I found these sweets in a local American candy shop and fell in love ! Indulging in sweets and also my love for the character Spongebob! These are so yummy and sooooo cute!

My love for sale shopping is included because I am obsessed with finding a bargain! These Vectra 3 pumps, see Primark vs Topshop post, were originally £28 in the sale they went down to £15 and then with student discount and other crazy happenings at the till I paid £5.60. Goooooo go go!

Finally, Clinique! After trying a sample of the body butter thanks to my cousin, I fell in love with the thick creamy texture and loveliness! In the CCS (cosmetic company store) in York I found a gift set for £22.50. Considering the body butter alone is £23 and I got 2 sample products I am a happy obsessed bunny!

I hope you enjoyed this quick post!

What are your obsessions? 
Have you tried any of these things?

Geordie Beauty Junkie
x x x


  1. nice haul where id you get the gaultier cook bottles?

  2. Thanks, I have a full York Haul and York: what to see and do posts coming soon! :)

    I got the limited edition bottle in Boots (buy 2 diet coke bottles and get a limited edition one free) and the cans I picked up in Superdrug (2 for 99p!)

    I hope this helped!

    Sarah xxx

  3. I lovee topshop vectra! I have the black and gold version! X


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