Sunday, 7 October 2012

Current Favourites


This post is going to be my current favourites. I will be including beauty and foodie items ! :)



Firstly, Snow Fairy Shower Gel from Lush. 
I got this 500g bottle last year off my Fianc√© as a Christmas Present, it only comes around once a year so get it while you can.
 This year it costs £10.25 for 500g.

On the website the description is;
 "Its smell of candy floss and pear drops transports all of us back to days of standing in the sweet shop"

It smells very sweet and very girlie. It has some sparkles in it which is perfect for the festive season ahead. I use this near Christmas to get me in the mood for the upcoming festivities. 
The packaging has changed this year from the regular black Lush label to a pink girlie label. 
The multi functional use as a shower gel and a shampoo makes it very appealing and useful. I love using this on my hair as it gives a wonderful lather and cleans really thoroughly. I love the sweet scent left on my hair.
As a shower gel it lathers really well in a loofa (the scrubby scrunchie thing in your shower!) and it cleans your skin very well and again leaves the signature scent on your skin long after your bath/shower.

Ice Blue Shampoo from The Body Shop is my second favourite, however I am unable to provide a link to the product on The Body Shop website due to it being a retro product that has now been discontinued. 
I have, however, found a link to an eBay seller cindydixon02007 who has some to sell for £7.99.

The shampoo has a lovely, refreshing minty smell to it which leaves your hair feeling very fresh. I believe the blue colour may have an additional use acting against brassy-ness in blonde or highlighted hair. 

The packaging is simplistic which will look wonderful in any bathroom. The bottle has an easy pour nozzle giving you extra control as to how much product you wish to distribute from the bottle. 

My first foodie favourite is Lucozade Energy drink in Pink Lemonade.
I bought this in ASDA on offer for £1. 
It smells so so sweet and it tastes really sweet with a slight kick, signatory of the Lucozade brand. It isn't coloured pink which disappointed me slightly but the packaging more than makes up for it. 
It is a limited edition product brought out for the Tickled Pink campaign run by ASDA.

Keeping with the Tickled Pink campaign, ASDA also brought out a limited edition box of Mr Kipling French Fancies. 
I love the taste of these mini cakes because they taste really sweet and they're a lovely little treat. The differenciation with the flavourings of chocolate, lemon and strawberry makes the cakes extra special and taste different every time. 

I got these on offer in ASDA for £2.

I picked this little fella up for 50p in ASDA, unfortunately I cannot find a link.
The idea of a mini chocolate pumpkin as a little treat over the festivities of Halloween is amazing. 
The packaging is amazingly cute with the pumpkin face and shaping. The advertising of the Smarties which is a little surprise inside lets you know what to expect before purchase.

Once you open the foil packaging you reveal a chocolate pumpkin with the same design as was printed onto the foil wrapper. 
The chocolate is what you would expect from Dairy Milk, YUMMY!!! and inside the little surprise of teenie tiny smarties inside makes for a wonderful little addition. 

I hope you enjoyed this small but sweet current favourites! 

There may be an addition to this nearing the end of the month!

Geordie Beauty Junkie 

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