Monday, 10 June 2013

Something is a little different...

Hi guys, 

I decided my blog needed to grow up a little bit and that it needed a good old design overhaul. 

I created a new banner, all by myself may I add (I'm very proud) and I changed the background, fonts and colouring of pretty much everything. 

I kept the pale pink as I fell in love with the colour when it was a party of my old design. If you are wondering the code for this colour is #ffcccc it's the most gorgeous powder pink. 

The biggest change has to be the name. If you don't agree with changing the name of blog's then I apologise but I needed to change it because I wasn't feeling happy with it any more. The name Just Miss Sarah is my twitter name and I feel like it gives the reader (you guys!) the understanding that this is me, my thoughts and it's nothing different to what I am like away from the blogging world.

I hope you like the change, please let me know below.
All of my old posts are still available and I do plan to blog a whole bunch more as there are a lot of exciting things happening soon! 

Thank you again, 

x x x

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