Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Today...I saw the Queen!

Hello there Junkettes! 

Today's post is a little different from my past posts. It is in no way, fashion or beauty related. However, today I saw the Queen! 

Here is where you learn something new about me! I am a massive Royalist! I know a lot of people dislike the Royal family and don't understand their place in society. I think the Royal family are awesome!

So, anyways, today the Queen was passing through Newcastle on her way to some North East visits. One main passing point was the Corner House junction on the Coast Road. I was in the area and decided to go join in with the festivities. I went to line up behind the barriers and got handed a Union Jack flag which I excitedly waved. There were lots of Primary School children and a Combined Cadet Force from a local high school. The passing of the Royal car took a little while because the previous engagement ran over the allotted time making others late. I do have a video which I will try and post at some point but still trying to figure out how to edit videos and such, so bare with me! 

This is a photo my sister took for me of Her Majesty The Queen and Prince Phillip. She was wearing a lovely peach ensemble and looked positively radiant! 

Overall for me, it was an amazing day!!! 

Sorry for this random post! 

Love, Geordie Beauty Junkie xxxx

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