Monday, 16 July 2012

Yves Saint Laurent Make Up Bargains!

Hello there junkettes! 

This post was promised to be on Soap and Glory but I treated myself at the weekend to something truly amazing and I just had to share! First off I am sorry about the camera quality photos! They're awful but they'll do until I save for a new camera! 

The first item I got is the Luxurious Mascara & Eye Make-Up Remover Duo which is a Limited Offer purchase. I couldn't find it on the internet but if you look in your local large Boots store you may find it. It's original price was £37 and I bought it for £18.50. The packaging is really luxurious however it is very reflective which you can see in the photographs! (Sorry for the bedding!)

This box is hiding a 100ml bottle of Eye Make-Up Remover Bi-Phase and the Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils

The packaging of the mascara is amazing. The box is cardboard and is gold and reflective just like the outside boxing. The only difference I've noticed is the colouring on the YSL logo. I have used the mascara and have to say although it is good, I feel there are better cheaper alternatives. The eye make-up remover however is absolutely amazing! I fell in love, it didn't sting my eyes, it took off the make-up without having to rub or scrub and it left my eyes feeling soft and really moisturised. 

My next bargain is the Gloss Volupte Sheer Sensual Gloss Stick in Shade 2 - Chilled Raspberry. This retails at £22 but I got it on sale for £10.50. The colour is a lovely hot pink but due to the sheerness of the product it does not have the same pigmented pay off on the lips. The gloss itself is really smooth and feels really nice on the lips. 

The packaging of this gloss is a shiny gold finish which feels quite heavy and shows the colour on a small band around the middle. 

Overall I think the Yves Saint Laurent beauty products I got at Boots in the MetroCentre are the best buys I could ever get because I didn't even think the high end brands did sales! 

Geordie Beauty Junkie! xxx

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